Attacking the Markets…Keep it Simple and BEWARE of the Octopus (Not the Vampire Squid)

Watch this amazing video of the Octopus.

This stock market Boom is bringing in a ton of capital to the stock markets. The largest inflow on record happened this week.

It has taken about 5 years now from the 2008 lows to get people excited.

Facebook ($FB) and LinkedIn ($LNKD) were not public. $AMZN (I was buying) was in the $40’s. Tesla? …. hardeeharhar!

Today, I could take myself public.

I believe in this boom. I believe it will spread overseas. I also know that the inevitable big bump will appear like the Octopus. It will come just as you are staring at your Schwab account three times a day because it just goes up.

Turns in the market come when nobody expects them.

I am letting my winners run because the ‘tape’ is fantastic. I am looking for fresh breakouts from long bases because that’s what I do in great markets. The moving averages are rising, the all-time highs list is flush and the money flow is good. That does not mean it will continue.

The trader in me put on some $SPY shorts on Friday on the stream because of the giddy price action, the bullish verbal tone of certain tickers on the Stocktwits stream (can’t share all of my secrets all the time), and the he massive inflow numbers. It’s just a trade though. Even though is looks impossible to catch an Octopus, I know they can be caught. I might just eat some tonight at my favorite sushi place in San Diego.

It’s not silly to have a plan for the inevitable turn.