Audio’s Opportunity

I have been writing about podcasting, Airpods, Apple, Spotify, Zoom and even Tencent for a long time on this blog. I own Zoom, Spotify, Apple and Tencent as well.

The Airpods and iPhone have really helped bring audio back into my mobile life.

I am fasciated by the massive market size and opportunity of audio as gaming, music and podcasting consume the 8-80 generations.

I really enjoyed Matthew Ball’s essay titled ‘Audio’s Opportunity And Who Will Capture It‘.

I also learned a lot from this a16z podcast titled ‘The Present Future of Audio: Talk, Music, Video, Interactivity‘ with Spotify’s Gustav Söderström, chief R&D officer (who oversees the product, design, data, and engineering teams) at Spotify.

Do yourself a favor and take the time for both.

Have a great Friday.