August 1, 2016 – The Greatest Day in the History of US Technology Companies…and The Great Digital Wall of China

Today is without a doubt the greatest day in the history of technology companies.

The top FIVE companies in the world are now US consumer technology companies:

Adding to the historical day – today, Uber turned a 2 year $2 billion investment into $6 billion in Didi paper in China.

It truly is the digital era.

There are NO banks, No Oil, No Warren (no Geico). At least for today.

As great as today is for Silicon Valley and US technology, it is also a reminder of how big the Chinese digital wall has become. It’s a wall Donald Trump would be proud of.

With Uber out of the land war in transportation and logistics China has now almost completely sealed off all our great technology companies save Apple.

Zuckerberg/Facebook has had no success despite learning the language.

Google sold out of Baidu in 2010. Big woops.

Microsoft has been working China since the 1980’s and we all remember the pirating wars they have battled.

Now Uber is a shareholder not an operator despite an amazingly aggressive attack that was getting traction.

The best way to own China remains to be food and clothing/fashion it seems – McDonalds, Coke, Pepsi, Yum Brands (KFC), Starbucks, Nike and UnderArmor ….

China is digitally paranoid but willing to let us fatten their people up and clothe them…for now.

Disclosure – Long Google, Apple, Amazon, NIke and UnderArmor

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