My writing is all screwed up because of the time zone travel the last few weeks. I love writing in the early morning and have not been able to get my daily posts out on time of late.

I am in Austin working for a few days. I have not been here in a few years and the city continues to boom.

Robinhealthcare, a fund 3 portfolio company of ours recently moved here after raising a large Series A. They are growing really fast and keeping it simple in their attack. If you are friends with any orthopedic doctors (really any doctors that rely on scribes) make sure you send them the Robinhealthcare link.

I sat with the founders of Realized 1031 which has built a very sophisticated wealth management product for real estate investors who need to do 1031 exchanges. I wish I had seen them earlier.

Obviously, coming to Austin for me means good food and I have been feasting.