Authenticity, Style, and Scarcity…and Peak Yelling

Last month I wrote about all-time highs in yelling.

Today I was reading Bob Lefsetz on authenticity. Great riff. Timely too.

I took the last month off Twitter, my yelling platform of choice. I have only been a reader of the tweets since Thanksgiving and Twitter works fine without my contributions. I wiped away 100,000 plus digital pieces of yelling which included some pretty good tweets.

I am ready to start Twitter again with a different style. It’s such a great platform for timing and the art of the word, but has outdated social game mechanics that are a trap for people like me. Twitter still has all the problems that it had last month when I left and a lower stock price . They might have filled too many holes. Not my problem.

Yesterday I watched my nephews Snapchat away during the big family Hanukkah party at our house. My daughter Rachel was taking photos of us and adding all kinds of filters and voices and it was fun to watch. She was the driver and the teacher and I was the clueless dad. She did not use the world viral. I have to be honest I have never heard my kids say the word. They snap and post because they know that Snapchat stuff is in the moment and disappears.

Snapchat is not about yelling. They offer tons of filters that make creativity a lot easier. But, handing the average person tools does not turn them into stylists. Taking away the game mechanics of previous social media juggernauts is what makes Snapchat so interesting and that is what Bob is talking about in his authenticity post.

The Snapchat IPO and the rise of group chat video chat on smartphones with products like ‘Houseparty’ should speed up the trend away from broadcasting and yelling. A friendlier, kinder and more intimate social trend.

Yes Trump won by yelling so a bazillion people in your social feeds will think they have to yell louder. In the words of Jim Cramer…wrong.

Nobody with any style wanted the job of President. I am confident Trump will implode like he always has, leveraged to tools that have peaked as well. It will be messy but change is messy.

It’s time to #MSGA (make social great again) with less ego, more style and scarcity.

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