Babe Ruth on Rally Rd …and Co-Founder Rob Petrozzo Joins Me On ‘Panic With Friends’

Portfolio company Rally Rd continues to grow their community of investors by offering unique memorabilia. Today at noon, Rally is holding an IPO for a special Babe Ruth bat -the last Louisville Slugger used by Ruth during the 1924 season, during which he clinched his first-and-ONLY Batting Title.

The IPO details:

• $85 per share, 3000 shares ($255k market cap)

• Opens at Noon est in app + on web

• Babe Ruth memorabilia is typically considered one of the best investments in the history of collectables – out of the 15 highest priced pieces of sports memorabilia ever sold, 7 out of the 15 are Babe Ruth items (including number 1 and 2).

For those that want to own a share, here is an early VIP Reservation. The IPO’s tend to go very fast.

Co-founder Rob Petrozzo came on ‘Panic With Friends’ to talk about the company of course and how the IPO process works (all SEC governed) for the items. Rob is one of the best product and marketing people I know. They are building an incredible brand that people trust to find unique and valuable assets. You can listen here.