Back in TASER (TASR)…This time it may be for REAL

I have been wrong about Taser (TASR) forever , but am buying some shares and hoping it comes in so I can add more. We Wallstripped it in the past because I believe in the product.

I wrote at the time of the show that I would pass on the stock and wait for higher prices (actually called it a turd stock). I guess 100 percent higher is enough.

Of course, buying a stock after a 100 percent run is ridiculous to most, just not to me.

Check out the wicked new products . I think it may be time to for the real Taser this time. I mean electrical six shooters and wireless guns…LONG.

Just in case, I am staying long Bullets via Smith and Wesson.

Here is our Wallstrip show on Taser:

Disclosure – Long Taser and Smith and Wesson