Back In The Flow

I am in Austin for the Upper 90 LP and founder event. I am a big fan of the way they think and invest. I am an LP and have made a few sidecar investments including Thrasio. It was fun to sit and talk about growth and TAM with Josh (one of the Thrasio founders). They buy and grow Amazon businesses and it is one of the fastest growing businesses of all time.

I had Upper 90 founder Bill Libby (Upper 90 founder and General Partner) on my ‘Panic’ podcast last summer and it is a great listen.

I also got to meet Jason Finger, a co-founder of the fund, who started Seamless Web (acquired by $GRUB) who had some incredible entrepreneur and investing stories.

I won’t travel like I used to for business, but I like to believe that I know when I need to get on a plane. Being locked up for 14 months did not kill that instinct.

It was fun to sit with founders and LP’s in a casual setting and hear their stories.

This morning I will finally meet Kyle Samani who is one of the founders of Multicoin here in Austin. I have been an investor in the fund since 2017.

Kyle has been on my ‘Panic’ podcast a couple of times, most recently last month.

Have a great day everyone.