We will know more Monday at the close what the world really thinks about the Bailout that the great John Carney has been covering for us all so well over at this weekend.

I have no opinion as I am the only honest guy telling you that no one knows what is going to happen 30 days from now, let alone Monday. I do know that the bailout will produce some monster winners over the next few years whether the market tanks or surges.

It is a seminal event. New trends will begin and many trends will end.

On Friday afternoon I was trying to buy stocks but was taking calls from panicked friends, entrepreneurs and partners who wanted to talk about what to do with their liquid assets. It was scary for many. It was no joke.

It’s fun to short, but I have learned not to bet against the US.

So has Andy Kessler. Some call his writing too breezy, but I would rather follow someone like Andy Kessler because he makes money and in the business I am in, that’s what matters. In golf, it’s not HOW, it’s HOW MANY. You bet on Tiger, not the guy with the best swing (although he has the best swing too).

On Thursday, Kessler penned this great post . I am always agreeing with Kessler. I love his economic theory on margins. The US wins despite the deficit for now because we export HIGH margin products and import low margin products. While Lou Dobbs and the rest of the real America haters and clowns preach to their large audiences, guys like Andy keep you focused on what makes America great. I am happy for all the yutz’s watching CNBC and Lou Dobb’s. They zig when they should zag.

This has been a buital environment for way too many Americans, especially since so few of them caused the problem. As I have said, there will be a witchhunt, there better be, and some pricks and putz’s will do time.

In the meantime, shut off the TV, watch for new leadership and for a good laugh read this idiot on how to puke at the bottom .

I have been screaming on this blog for three years to start a business, especially a web business you are passionate about. I don’t think you quit your job, but the world is your market and you are silly not to share your passion with the world.

Unlike Jason who started a bad business (Mahalo.ugh) at the top and now is scared and panicking to his e-mail list, use this recession to build the business of your dreams off the panicked and overleveraged. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t go to the mall and piss your money away. Buy a laptop, tune in to some great VC’s and stock market blogs, roll up your sleeves and take your best shot.


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