Bandon Birthday

I had heard almost TOOO much good stuff about Bandon Dunes. I was worried.

I had definately heard too much about the tough Bandon Dunes weather. I was prepared for some serious shit. Long underwear, gloves, hats, layers…..

This is what I saw a lot of today….



Yes – oodles of sun. No wind as well. A perfect day.

Left my game in Phoenix though and fired an 82 even with a birdie on number 1.

Tomorrow is Pacific Dunes – for birthday number 41. Rated the best course in North America I am hoping for as sweet a day as today.

The Oregon coast is as spectacular as I have heard. Amazing that three hours from the desert, you could be surrounded by such amazing beauty of a different kind.


  1. Fraser says:

    Howard, you’re 41… not 25.

    No women/casino for you. Soon you’ll be forecasting the weather with the help of your arthritis :D

    Happy birthday! And enjoy the golf.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Screw the arthritis – its the cholesterol

    just had a bag of lays a milkshake and two bratwurts

    an elestra overdose :)

  3. Eddie Daroza says:

    Yeah I agree: women and casinos are nice. Hey, Howard, ask the locals how there lovin that housing bubble. Tell them some more Californians are on the way. haha.

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