Barclays on Wallstrip

I have used ETF’s as a tool now for the last two years. No complaints. I can trade countries, commodities, sectors….

I get a better sense of security from trading ETF’s after extreme market movements. I did that this summer in the Russian ETF (TRF).

Creativity and liquidity are the only two limits today on their further explosion into mainstream financial tools. Trust me, it gets better on both counts every day.

So what’s the deal with Barclay’s. Here is the lifetime stock chart. Yummy.

Based on Wallstrip’s strategy and mine, 1994 and 2004 were great entry points. The cat is out of the bag now in the sense that Barcla’s owns the ETF market and is printing money. I don’t expect that to stop. they are a real threat to all but the best hedge fund managers.

As James Altucher points out recently at his site – creative ETF’s are showing up and they serve a good purpose.

I missed this beauty and it’s on my watch list for a pullback and a likely purchase. Barclay’s is likely on all the big buy lists for their dominance in ETF’s, which lends more comfort to a buy the dip strategy. As a final bit of help, here is Brian’s take on the technicals of Barclay’s:

If you are worried the stock won’t come in to a reasonable buy point, just buy a few shares that you are comfortable holding into 15-20 percent weakness. If it does no happen and Barclay’s continues to rise, you own a piece of the Company and can be involved.