Barry Sonnenfeld Gave Me Homework

Good morning…

I have promised some readers a deep dive on the fintech action in the private and public markets and have been working on that for my own seed strategy as 2022 begins. I hope to have it over the next few days.


Last weekend I listened to Barry Sonnenfeld (American filmmaker) when he was a guest on the Smartless podcast and blogged about it Sunday. I added a ‘note to self’ to get Barry on my podcast.

One of my readers who has become a friend and works at Amazon Studios emailed me that he would love to make that happen and within a few hours I was on an email thread with Barry and taking a few shots at making him laugh.

Of course, Barry was making me laugh and offered to be on the podcast ‘IF’ I read his book. Knowing my age he made it really easy and said ‘it counted’ if I listened to the audiobook version.

I feel like Costanza at this point in the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ episode.

Luckily the book sounds hilarious…

Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother: Memoirs of a Neurotic Filmmaker.

I told Barry, that the same thing happened to me in 1979 at a Supertramp concert in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens. I was 14.

I’m looking forward to having Barry on my podcast someday soon.

Blogging daily has never felt like work to me and in the last year has become a tool to help me manifest some exciting media/content projects. Thanks everyone for reading and sharing it with your own networks.

Have a great day.