Be an Optimist, Not a Putz!

I don’t read too many big picture, economic bloggers. I would have slit my wrists or moved to the mountains years ago (would have died there too as I can’t fend for myself).

So I choose to ignore and be an optimist. Eddie is an optimist as well , but has been linking to some great stuff the last week so go check it out.

I rarely get negative on this blog for the opportunity train is just too vast. That said, there have been fewer and fewer new ideas since late January, when I took many trend lumps and went light on stocks.

Now we are in June and there are even fewer exciting trend ideas than January and the market mood is getting angrier, more agitated and restless.

I am not smart enough to describe all the events that are creating what Todd thinks is a meltdown possibility , but once in a while it’s good to remind yourself that

Since Tiger is not golfing anymore this year, I am in as negative a mood as I have been in a while, so deal with it.

It’s a good read too. Todd is a great writer.

Here is one of our first Wallstrip interviews and it’s with ‘Toddo’: