Be Fearful Before Others Are Fearful And Less Greedy In General

It has been an intense five days of meetings and presentations in Manhattan.

The weather has played nice, allowing me to walk up, back and across town to almost all my meetings.

As the markets were crashing the last few days the term ‘be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful’ showed up a few times in my stream.

I edited it for my trend following style with ..’be fearful before others are fearful and less greedy in general‘.

I have no idea when this volatility will die down, but it will.

Have a great Friday.

PS – I got to visit with Dan Loeb yesterday at his Third Point Capital office. It was fun to talk with him about networking, social media, the old days of the Yahoo Message Boards (where he got his activist game on as ‘Mr. Pink) and the early stage investing landscape.

PSS – I am tempted to have my friend Michael (who sent me this pic of the piece) buy this for me down at Art Basel this week:

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