BEARS…They Shit in the Woods and Buy Puts in October

Google haters, China haters, SubPrime shocks and internet bubble talk all perfectly cocktailed for the seasonal October swoon. NOT!

Maybe we get an October Stock Market Crash…to the UPSIDE!

Seems too easy to me to bet on the downside here. Everybody with experience has seen bad October’s. I think bad August’s are the new October. Maybe even a bad December this year when everybody is giddy that we get through October, but October this year looks like a laydown to the upside.

Looks like the options market players are convinced a crash is coming . I am pretty convinced they are wrong and will lose their premium and hedge money.

I just think that we got our ‘Crash’ early this year…like August. Nobody is expecting upside surprises…like Google buying Ireland for starters .

I am not making side bets one way or another, or hedging, just sticking with my longs.

Fingers crossed and salt over my shoulder though just in case :) .

Disclosure – Long Google and crank calling bears.


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  2. Paul says:

    This market reminds me of during the internet bubble. I used to go around telling people that in that crazy market I was absolutely positive there was going to be a HUGE correction, maybe as much as 50%, but that I couldn’t guess how many more times the market would double first before it happened! ;-)

    It’s tough to stomach and if it weren’t for a few fun & profitable idea’s here from Howard I think almost all of my activity this year would have been selling.

  3. mrkcbill says:

    I look for a lot of mergers in the next 3 months. These companies that are sitting on billions are going to start getting busy.

    Were going up. I can’t remember when blue chip companies have moved like they have in last year or so.

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