beehiiv – A Newsletter Plaform Built For Growth

In October of last year Social Leverage led an investment in beehiiv – a newsletter platform built for growth.

The product is great. Tyler Denk (the CEO and one of the founders) was a first employee at ‘Morning Brew’.

My daily newsletter is a labor of love and therapy. But, I also love the newsletter business.  Dave Nemetz, the founder of ‘Bleacher Report’, is a great follow on all things media and he had this to say:

The Newsletter business is booming like never before.

Here’s why it’s such a great business model (THREAD):

Newsletters fascinate me as a media product. They’re simple, efficient, and perhaps a bit overhyped.

But why are newsletters such an effective medium?

Newsletters “work” as a media product for three reasons:

1. They’re personal.
2. They’re predictable.
3. They’re scarce.

• Why newsletters work for readers

Newsletters convey a conversational tone from a familiar voice. This aspect, delivered consistently, creates a relationship. Reading a well-written newsletter should feel like hearing from an interesting friend.

• While newsletters are personal, they don’t need personalization. There are enough newsletters out there to “scratch every niche.” This empowers readers to find voices that feel personal to them.

• They’re predictable.

Like periodicals and TV shows before, newsletters publish on a regular schedule. For audiences, this creates an expectation. They’ll receive a specific amount of content, in a consistent format, delivered right to their inbox.

In the last 10 months, Tyler and team have been growing fast and signing up thousands of newsletter writers. They shared the product roadmap as well recently.

If you have wanted to start a newsletter, beehiiv is a great platform to try.

PS. My daily email/newsletter will be switching over to beehiiv shortly and it will be seamless for the readers.