Beer, Eggs, Milk and PORK…For Those that think Tech/Internet is a Bubble

O.K. well Premium Standard Farms (PORK) was bought out (Wallstripped before the buyout ), but you can own SAM Adams (SAM, Wallstripped ), Eggs (CALM), and Milk (LWAY) . CALM and LWAY will be Wallstripped soon enough. Someone just needs to lend the Wallstrip crew their farm for the day. IF our PORK show is any indicator, you will get bought out within months.

Don’t get me wrong, that kosher stew (beer, pork, milk and eggs) are staples of my diet, but I will stick with internet, tech, oil, and gold for the most part.

What is most interesting is technology plays a huge part in all these companies ripping higher…from the chemicals they use in keeping the shelf lives at 200 years, to the manufacturing and distribution.

The perfect storm…against the bears.

UPDATE – If someone knows of a lobster stock, we could have the perfect synagogue mutual fund…Pork, Milk and Lobster stocks

Disclosure – I eat bacon on paper plates in our home. Half kosher :)


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    CRESY looks awesome indeed. Maybe Lindsay tracks down Nazis while we film this show in Argentina

  2. mrkcbill says:

    Howard- go ahead and throw RICK in that fund. Nothing like some Treif Dancers.

    At your annual meeting you could describe what a Cheeseburger,Pork Ribs,and Lobster actually tasted like.

    I think eating the bacon on a paper plate is very admirable- you do what you can–Hey man its tough being a Jew.
    Just don’t put Cheese Wiz on the bacon thats where I draw the line.

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