Behold…A Rally…

In hindsight, it always looks easy.

It is fun piling on the trend, but people running big money are no different than those school of fish you watch on Discovery channel. All of a sudden they spook and change direction. Seemingly out of nowhere. BUT, there are a few fish at the front of the school that see the shark coming or have super sensory and either slow down and let all the others swim into the shark or zig first. Same thing with the markets, some know the news and if you trade, you need to read the tea leaves. I rarely have the time to do it diligently anymore and even if I have the time, I know how hard it is from losing so many times. Sometimes though you just need to try.

Now yesterday was likely not any REAL bottom, but I was starting to get the feeling. I was early buying the SPY from the boat in Miami and got stopped out of it , BUT Apple and Amazon which I bought also, barely budged yesterday and are surging today.

Yesterday, while everyone said the chart of Lehman was exactly like bear Stearns, I blogged that was silly. It’s not that easy. Combined with a Goldman Sachs $3 billion writedown – THE DAY BEFORE their earnings announcement – betting that Goldman had a number in the bag seemed like a good risk reward.

Goldman spitting on Abby Joseph Cohen when the Dow was down another 175 points yesterday was also something I twittered as significant. Goldman was coming clean a bit and even capitulating. Better to just kick her out now than have it become a media story when the real lynchings start

Goldman is just run better than the other risk happy/ego freaks running this market, best of the worst.

That’s why I made the rare trade with my kid’s money. Ig Google can run 40 more points, life in Lindzonville’s kidland will be good.