Being WRONG is the Problem!

Too much energy is spent and too many accolades are given to those that are ‘right’. Lot’s of people were right calling for a nasty recession. Most of them are still broke or down 40 percent. You can’t say you were ‘right’ if you called for a tsunami and than it smacked you and your family in the face as you watced it coming from the back porch.

It is one of the biggest problems in our society that NOBODY talks about, but we need to ship OUT all the idiots that are just ‘wrong’. Send them to Iceland to rebuild.

Let’s focus on losing the real dummies to get back on track.

In the economics world, two idiots that get more ‘air’ time than Jake and Josh and must be stopped – Arthur Laffer and Ben Stein. They must be stopped. Nincompoops.

CNBC is an accomplice to these crimes and should have the chords pulled as well:


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