You can’t have a show or blog about the market and not include Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett.

Hard to even try to spoof the guy. He is almost untouchable and deserves our respect.

That said, the stock does not interest me at all-time highs, although I should own it. There has never been a horrible time to buy the stock if you have a long investment horizon.

I am interested to see our conversation’s take on the stock.

Here is my thing about the stock. If Warren is looking to buy industries and businesses on the cheap, why should I pay up for his stock. If I had to buy the stock, I would buy it when there was blood on the streets.

Here is a link to all his shareholder letters, a must read for anyone serious about investing whether you drink the kool-aid or not.


  1. Steven says:

    Great idea looking at BRK…seems like such an obvious stock to look at even I could have come up with it…LOL

    Some funny reasons to buy the stock:

    It is the ultimate hedge fund….for husbands…I think about all the money my wife spends…

    Easter baskets/quick holiday gift boxes of candy? Wife buys See’s

    Having a party? Wife buys BUD and KO (which BRK owns 5% and 12%…actually after KO does the buyback BRK going to own more like 15% or more)

    Need t-shirts or underwear for the kids? Fruit of the loom bought at WMT. BRK owns all and part of each. Hanes probably in the next year or so.

    Want to remodel the house? Going to need insulation and paint, Johns Mansville and B. Moore paint, oh yeah don’t forget new furniture from NFM, Willey, Star and CORT…and carpet from Shaw…

    Jewels (Benbridge, Borsheims, Halzberg); a quick ice cream for the kiddies (DQ); study materials for the SAT form Kaplan (18% of WPO); need a uniform (Fechheimer); tired of working and want some toys for the weekend? (Forest River); how does this stuff get to me…well on XTRA trailers and through McLane Company of course

    …I could go on…and I omit the obvious insurance aspect…

    Pretty much anything a wife buys BRK either sells or is involved in transporting, insuring, or making…

    So the best reason to own BRK is to hedge a wife’s spending…at least you get a little back on the earnings…LOL

    I mean forget MSFT, GOOG, or anyone else who is going to dominate the internet…that is just kid stuff…you cant make a move in the real world without paying a toll to BRK…

    Shave today with Gillette? Ring the register…Shop at WMT? Ring it!! Drink a KO product or have a cool beer this weekend? You probably put a little money in BRK’s pocket….need to rate a bond…store data…or make a press release…cha-ching!!

    What is that story Buffett told one year about the frog and slowly turning up the heat? Man it aint Big Brother, Big Oil, or Big Bad Bill Gates you got to look out for…it’s a 76 year grandpa form Omaha and his bad-ass right hand man ya’all should be on the look out for…

    Dude BRK owns it or touches it all…they might as well re-name BRK the McCandless Corporation and start calling Buffett “Ian”

    BRK has been “too big” for 20 years…but it just keeps on getting bigger…Why? Because it is not one giant national business that grows at average rates…it is a bunch of smallish local business that grows at above average rates…

    But hey that’s just my SWAG why BRK is the place to be.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Hey Steve – pls make that a post and link to it from the comments so that everyone can read it.

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