Best Buy and Dell…Magically Defy Gravity

If there is one stock that continues to mystify me and magically defies’s Best Buy (BBY – NO position).

It’s likely a combination of them being the leader and not making gigantour mistakes combined with the utter ineptness of their competitors.

I am happy not to be short Best Buy, but I know their days are numbered. I just suck at figuring out when.

Today I begrudgingly went into one, because Staples sucks a little bigger ASS than them and carries nothing anymore besides pens and paper. I really really really wanted a cheap PC Laptop and was ready to buy. Staples had nada, Circuit City only sells candy and FireDog services and Verizon (bit me) phones. They had plenty of options on the cheap laptop side, but NOT ONE came with XP. Every PC option at Best Buy was VISTA.

I went with Dell (which I am short) and I have to say it was simple process. Unfortuneately, as you would suspect, my name has been sold 50 times already (how else could Dell make any money), and my spam has increased. I expect a load of new junk mail tomorrow as well. I have received 10 emails from Dell including asking for my shoe size (Do Dell machines come with pedals?). I fear for my life actually. I can’t wait to see this machine full of AMD and Intel inside stickers and bullshit software programs that I will need to uninstall. Oy is the PC industry in for some major new rounds of pain.

Maybe Dell should buy Plaxo?

Disclosure- Short Dell