Best Buy is all 'V.O.I.P.ED' up

I don’t, won’t shop at Best Buy. People love them, maybe addicted so they don’t care about me. That’s been a really good strategy for them :) . Check out their lifetime stock chart . They are definately Wallstrip worthy if not for my personal bias.

Today they announced they are getting into the VOIP business.

ZDNet says they want to become small businesses’s IT shop .

To me a small business needs a cell phone and a good internet connection and not the CRAP service of a Best Buy store. The best thing Best Buy has going for it is MICROSOFT SOFTWARE. It ensures a revenue stream for the Geek Squad.

I am not one to bet against stocks anymore, but Best Buy is telling you that something is up at retail. Maybe their consumer is tapped?


  1. Michael says:

    Yes, you sure do! Given the existence of that site you’re clearly not the only one to do so.

    Turn on FireFox’s built-in spell-checker

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