Big Big Big and Why Decentralization Matters

The big are getting bigger in the tech world and maybe that’s just the way it is meant to be in the era of the internet. I enjoyed the reads below which had me shaking my head at the size, scale and opportunity these companies are both attacking and creating.

Ant Financial…a spinoff from Alibaba is already worth more than Goldman Sachs and raising $10 billion.

This NPR piece on AI and it’s potential to help with cancer and Alzheimer’s is a great read and an exciting frontier.

Could Spotify be a ‘fifth’ horseman of the Nasdaq? I personally spend more time on Spotify each day than any other app.

Why is it that Winners keep on Winning?

Ben Thompson on ‘Tech’s Two Philosophies‘ is a great read.

All this bigness is a big reason why decentralization matters which is a topic that Multicoin takes on in this piece.

Have a great Sunday.

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