Big Stock Market Crash Coming … Guaranteed 

Lots of crash calls as usual.The regulars like Marc Faber are trying to get ahead of their own yearly October crash calls by making them in August. Thank goodness CNBC exists to trot out the knuckleheads.

Brazil’s stock market has doubled in between the last two Marc Faber crash calls. 

Elaine Garzarelli once called a crash pretty well and nobody can find her now. 

Here is what I see…

Right now consumer tech stocks are romping. Yesterday over 420 stocks hit 52 week highs. That’s the most since 2013. 

Right now the $VIX is approaching 10. That’s Tuscany and ‘Netflix and Chill’ levels. Somebody knows something that is not that scary. 

Of course, Amazon trades at 62,000 times earnings or whatever silly metric Wall Street is harping on these days. Never mind that Walmart just paid the most ever for an Ecommerce company copycat product ( that is just one year old. 

Walmart is too busy chasing Amazon to worry about a stock market crash. You see over the last 10 years Amazon stock is up 2,700 percent to Walmart’s 67 percent. 

I see the market somewhat differently and I think the people that matter most (buyers) do as well. 

Jason Calacanis pointed out a few fun facts last night that for now trump all the silly crash headlines. Right now just SIX tech companies have nearly $500 billion in cash. 

The last time the Nasdaq was at these levels, Amazon was headed to zero loaded with convertible death spiral debt and Google and Facebook did not exist. 

Right now the problem for the largest of the large is a profit and cash bubble. We’ve never seen this so we don’t possibly know how this plays out and more importantly when!

I’m long $LULU at the moment and they have just opened their first store in Asia. No wonder the stock continues to have a bid. 

I’ve bought dips in boring Schwab the last few years and have NO complaints. 

I am so optimistic that I have a marijuana investment and I consider that my hedge!!!!

Does that mean you can’t panic a little today and sell something? Of course not. I love to panic when nobody is panicking. Try it. You may not make money but you will feel better.

Most likely though you will find something interesting to buy in the next few days.