Bill Maher on Crox…Hysterical

My favorite piece of comedy the last few years has been Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules’. The rest of his show bites.

Last night he just killed it and his CROX reference got me laughing and thinking…maybe the CROX trend is just too well known. It’s definately in the public consciousness if he can make so many people laugh while making fun of it.

Anyways…definately later than earlier in this trend and risk is higher now.

It’s about 90 second in:

New Rule: Stop wearing plastic shoes. It was only a year ago when only preschoolers and mental patients wore these. But, now grownups all over America have gone “Croc” crazy. The latest step in our unending quest to dress as casually as humanly possible. “You know, I used to wear flip-flops, but they’re a little dressy.” “I want clothing I can hose down.” Admit it, we’re a nation of slobs who won’t be happy until we can go to the mall in a diaper.

Genius stuff.

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  1. Erin says:

    I almost peed I was laughing so hard when I saw this on his show. He was so right on point with this whole obsession Americans have with dressing as casual as possible. Not to mention these things can be dangerous….they’re way to wide for most people who wear them.

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