Bitcoin and Robitussin…

I love this Chris Rock bit about Robitussin:

I can imagine Chris Rock riffing on hedge fund managers today…’FANG not enough alpha for you…sprinkle a little Bitcoin on your portfolio!’

All kidding aside, I am thrilled to be participating in this financial phenomenon.

From Yoni Assia (the first person that mentioned Bitcoin to me in 2010), to Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, Marc Andreesen, Barry Silbert, Naval and Vinny Lyngham, the smartest people I have ever met have been dedicated a major portion of their work lives to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. Thank goodness I have focused on participating and educating myself rather than yelling bubble (though I have done that too of course).

I was walking the streets of New York with my 19 year daughter Rachel last night who was asking me a lot of questions about Bitcoin. I was thrilled that by the end of our walk and chat, she felt satisfied with my explanations. Six months ago I would have said just buy it without being able to explain it to her.

Yesterday I shared a link to a great resource page on all things Bitcoin and crypto.

One of the links that resonated with a lot of my readers was this one from 2013 titled ‘explain Bitcoin like I am five‘.

I hope my father in law reads it (I sent it to him again) because a few of my nephews have been long since Passover when I wrote this (‘The Weed is Coming and The Bitcoin is Not Leaving‘).

There is no cure for crypto fever at this point. We have tipped.

The SEC is freaking out.

We have TEEN self made billionaires. Meet now 23 year old Vitalik a co-founder of Ethereum – worth $5-$10 billion today.

Here is a random kid whose tweet was shared in my stream yesterday who has his first 1,000 bagger.

Last October,I wrote a long piece on why I thought millennials would be the best investors of all time. The market capitalization of Bitcoin and all the crypto assets at the time was less than $10 billion. Tonight the asset base is well over $500 billion (ICO’s etc. included).

That was fast.

PS – This graphic and caption made me laugh out loud today:

Millennials have a pretty good sense of humor.

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