Bitcoin for Dummies (My Toronto Pals)

One fun thing about visiting with all my old friends in Toronto, is they could give a rat’s ass about what I do for a living.

They are real estate developers, lawyers and accountants.

During dinner, the topic of Bitcoin came up and since I am the friend that supposedly knows about Bitcoin, I came under rapid attack to explain.

I did a horrible job.

If I was Satoshi himself I would not have been able to convert them (I even tried that at one point), but I still should have been able to do a better job considering the amount of time I have owned, tipped, traded and written about them.

I went through a long list of reads I have bookmarked on the subject to forward them and settled on this is my favorite primer to share.

No matter how much you read, you can’t truly understand a digital asset like Bitcoin unless you actually own a piece of one. So you must open an account/wallet to really get over the hump.

PS – This Fred Wilson piece really does an excellent job of explaining how Bitcoin has quickly gone from a payment system to a store of value.

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