Bitcoin: The Living Room Revolution

Last night I had a long brainstorm with my friend Farbood, the founder of Coinmine (we are investors in his company).

Farbood and I were chatting about his roadmap and progress and he mentioned Coinmine’s new weekly missive ‘The Liberty Crypto Reader‘. Farbood also penned this great post titled ‘Bitcoin: The Living Room Revolution‘ and it’s great. Have a read. I love how he describes the opportunity:

Bitcoin and crypto are a massive crowd-sourced project to increase individual sovereignty over money and information, which, if successful, will transform the world we live in, forever.

Rip away all the hype and promotion and that is why Bitcoin is still near $4,000.

It was fun and profitable to be long Bitcoin, Ethereum and random tokens for a few years…even with the big givebacks of the last year.

But, owning Bitcoin did not make me feel any different or give me any real thrill of ownership. I literally had no use for it. How could the 2018 crash NOT have happened.

It is way more fulfilling to invest alongside crypto pioneers (like we did way back in 2010 backing Yoni Assia at Etoro) and Farbood and his team at Coinmine.

Talking to Farbood about the power of decentralization, mining, software and money is really educational and fun. The possibilities are really remarkable.