I am no economist.

I have never been a gold bug.

No matter how bad you think government is today, they have been worse. I watched Ben Hur.

When Michael Lazerow and I were first discussing Buddy Media in 2007, his first product idea was facebook money…’Ace Bucks’. That’s NOT what Salesforce bought.

My good pal Yoni at Etoro who I think is way ahead of the curve on these things is a super bull on the idea of bitcoins. Yoni is the founder of Etoro (I am an investor).

A ‘bitcoin’ is a decentralized and digital currency.

You can make fun of it but it feels like it is here to stay this time.

Bitcoins have had two crashes to date, the first one slowly taking it’s value down 80 plus percent (a few years ago) and yesterday there was a bitcoin flash crash (the coins are back near all-time highs).

I would rather go to Mt. Gox, than Detroit! As Stocktwits grows, I will make that our second home.

Here is a simple Bitcoin converter.

The Bitcoin or something like it is now here to stay. Trust has truly jumped the shark and combined with the cloud, our lunatic monetary global policies, mobile phones and explosion in startups and apps without business models, barter is back.

Ebay is rising, Visa is rising, Square is rising, trust is falling and the cloud and mobile are winning.

I am heading to Zillow $Z to check condo prices on Mt. Gox.


  1. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    Ayup – for openers, the “exchanges” are illiquid. Then, there’s the issue of money laundering and drug dealing on BitCoin / Silk Road. If *inTrade* couldn’t survive getting disconnected from the USA financial system, how is a tiny thing like BitCoin going to do it?

    It saddens me that respectable folk like are buying into this. You’re right – it will end ugly with good people getting hauled away in the same paddy wagon as the madam when they raid the brothel.

  2. Erik Voorhees says:

    I think it’s important to point out WHY bitcoin is so different than other so called “digital currencies” (the USD is a digital currency, btw). The difference is that Bitcoin is decentralized. There is no company behind it, no server farm, no office. This means that it cannot be shut off. It has no terms of service agreement. It is simply open-source technology applied to money. Must be the most fascinating project in the world at present.

    • i think fascinating is the right word. If it works I would be surprised but i want to follow because if it works, this trend will be amazing for making money and wealth…skeptics have their right on this but the time is upon us for some currency other than paper

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  4. BladeMcCool says:

    Umm .. how? What would ‘law enforcement’ do precisely? Who would they arrest? What would they seize? … Nothing … thats the answer. If government insists on pushing Bitcoin underground through draconian legislation then thats exactly where it will go and the effects on its price and allure will be akin to what they did with cocaine.

  5. AminCad says:

    Bitcoin is the world’s first open source currency.

    Firstly, the software that creates the network and the currency is open source.

    Second, the control of the money supply and the authorization of the transaction history is controlled by a process that is digital, which means it can be understood formally in full, and does not have a private component, as would be the case if it was controlled by a public key infrastructure, which would require private keys that not be public.

    Bitcoin’s openness makes it fully decentralized, as it allows every aspect of it to be reproduced in a peer to peer network.

    If bitcoin succeeds, the repercussions would go far beyond payments and money. It would create a massively resilient and efficient financial transaction processor, that would accelerate commerce, especially in digital goods, and its global process of arriving at consensus would replace national political processes on creating rules for finance, which would profoundly change governance and economic relations.

    The success of bitcoin would be nothing short than the transition of human civilizations into a planetary-wide civilization.

    “The Bitcoin or something like it is now here to stay.”

    Yes it looks like it.

    • Ellie K says:

      I meant to thank you for posting that update a few days ago. I wasn’t aware of it (although it isn’t exactly transparent reading).

  6. Ellie K says:

    Bitcoin non-advocates are under heavy pressure from non-financial-securities-savvy-but-very-cryptographically-aware Bitcoin enthusiasts. Read this comment below, and the sagacious reply, which I sincerely enjoyed. It was deft, yet genuine.

  7. Ellie K says:

    No. That can’t be true. Reddit said that NN Taleb likes it. And Al Gore too. On the same day, according to an earlier comment here.

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  10. Roj says:

    The future is here…Corrections having flushed out the weak…You always wanted to hold Microsoft at the ground floor!?….Bitcoins is at a point in its history tantamount to the pouring of the footers….One more correction and i’m ALL IN …..With LIGHT and LOVE…..GODSPEED…

  11. angelinajhon says:

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    So what is Bitcoin?

    This article best describes the overivew of Bitcoin, which is largest online used digital currency in online world.

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  13. putriasfihani says:

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