Spelled backwards is 'DEVIL'

I am a little behind in my blogging because Twitter and killed my blog as you know.

Last week, Social Leverage and my hedge fund invested in, which is of course the antichrist. URL shorteners are unfortuneately the work of the devil .

Lucky for me, I don’t understand much about technology, but do understand a little bit about seriously useful products growing insanely fast. I also believe that investing in the devil can be often times lucrative which is something my partners demand on occassion.

If I listened to all the nerds, I would still be watching television and commenting on TechCrunch. Instead I like to live a little.

I would walk you through all the reasons why we made this investment, but it’s easier to link to Om who kind of nailed the reasons why already .

I hope he is right or I will unfollow the prick :)


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