Yesterday, while I was driving to San Diego from Phoenix, my friend Lindsay Campbell texted me that ‘…my platform (daily email) seemed so tone deaf right now around the acknowledgement. I’m a daily reader of your newsletter and true believer in the power of Howie.’

Lindsay is correct.

I have been listening and reading the last week trying to find the right words and actions after the murder of George Floyd.

I was talking to Jeff Richards at GGV Capital last week on my podcast and said it simply with -‘Back Black Founders’. I have never backed a black founder personally and will do that in the next 12 months.

I also checked in on Fred Wilson’s blog and Friday he had he posted about how to make a donation to the George Floyd memorial fund. It is something the Lindzon Family will do immediately. Same with The Minnesota Freedom Fund.

I looked to another mentor of mine Brad Feld and like him, as a starting point, I will start to have conversations with Black entrepreneurs and investors and asking one question.

“What are two initiatives you are involved in right now that I could put time and/or money into in support of you and your activities?”

If I haven’t talked to you and you are a Black entrepreneur or investor, if you have the energy or desire, I’m very interested in the answer to this question via an email (howard at lindzon dot com), or @howardlindzon on Twitter.