Block or Charge? and is ‘Enough’ Conservative?

former NBA star Rex Chapman is pretty damn good at Twitter as well.

I’ve watched this one 100 times and have to say the baby was blocking.

Speaking of fouls, Morgan Housel has a great take on the subject of ‘enough’ using WeWork and crickets to make his point. It is a shot read so make sure you read the whole post.

Morgan ponders:

The idea of having “enough” might look like conservatism, leaving opportunity and potential on the table.

I don’t think that’s right.

“Enough” is realizing that the opposite – an insatiable appetite for more – will push you to the point of regret.

The only way to know how much food you can eat is to eat until you’re sick. Few try this because vomiting sucks more than any meal is good.

For some reason the same logic doesn’t translate to business and investing, and many will only stop reaching for more when they break and are forced to. This can be as innocent as burning out at work or a risky investment allocation you can’t maintain, all the way billionaires who resort to stealing because every dollar is worth reaching for regardless of consequence. Whatever it is, the inability to deny a potential dollar will eventually catch up to you.

Thanks Morgan.

Have a great day everyone.