Stocktwits Launches Advanced Search

Come rain or shine, the Stocktwits community shares over 200,000 messages per day. That includes charts, news, trade ideas, and yes — lots of memes. With that many messages, it can be hard to look back in time to see your best posts about your favorite stocks from months or even years ago.

Today, that changed as Stocktwits has launched Advanced search.

This is the killer feature I have been begging for which will give users the ability to quickly search their timelines for past mentions of tickers and quickly search other users timelines to see if they might be worth a follow and some extra conversation. This is all made possible with amazing open source software like Elastic (I own the stock – $ESTC), which was up 10 percent on the news (just a coincidence I am sure). I imagine this search feature and functionality will only get more powerful.

I am excited to see all the different ways the community grows now that it can do more meaningful research, discover talented people and find fresh ideas.

If you are serious about creating a financial journal (which is the best way to become a better investor), there has NEVER been a better time to get started on Stocktwits.

Here is a quick primer on how to use it.

Dude…My Camera Has a Phone

Apple is boring, but busy.

I like boring, but busy.

Last year, the market took the stock to the woodshed and at one point in December the stock traded to $140.

I was adding to my position and it became my largest stock position and of course they survived.

Today, Apple unveiled a bunch of new products.

I joked on Twitter that the headlines should read New Apple Camera Has a Phone!

The beauty of Apple’s distribution and pricing power is that they are actually lowering prices. Josh joked:

Today Apple is about the camera, health (watch), services and price. Future iPhones are now just gravy as analysts expect zilch. A fantastic transition considering the China trade war and their size.

As for their TV and media business…I don’t get it. I wish they would give it all up, write it off and buy Spotify.

Covfefe Volfefe

Back in 2017 when Fat Nixon was only tweeting 10 times a day and Twitter had a 140 character limit …life was good.

It was the innocent days of ‘Covfefe’.

Today, Orange Julius is tweeting 30 times a day and having fun moving the markets.

It was only a matter of time really.

The stock market is the only remaining person/thing that is listening to him.

He is going to hate what it has to say if he keeps it up, but guessing when is not something I can do.

In the meantime, the zookeepers at JP Morgan launched a ‘Volfefe‘ Index (I thought it was a joke all day to be honest) which short term will only serve to embolden President ‘Sharpie’.

The script would be funny as an HBO show but this is real life and so we wake up and see what he will say next.

In the meantime – 50 attorney generals are suing Google, Insiders are selling stock at a pace not seen since the Titanic and today was THE BIGGEST momentum shift since 2009…

I am not sure if this is a ‘Wall of Worry’ we should be thankful for or ‘The Last Warning’ before the crash of a lifetime.

Investing is not easy.

Momentum Monday – Sneaky Good

Ivanhoff and I toured the markets as always and you can watch or listen to the episode by clicking here.

This market is pretty sneaky.

We are just two percent from all time highs on the S&P but the sentiment is EXTREMELY bearish. That is bullish.

A lot of big boring companies are at all-time highs including Pepsi, Costco, The CME and The Nasdaq.

So…why all the bearishness?

I think it’s mostly Fat Nixon and the Media in their love/hate relationship that has most people tired and unhappy and feeling aggravated. Count me in that group, but I also know enough to follow leading stocks and prices. That little extra bit of knowledge and homework have kept me in the markets this year.

The IPO market has a lot of people feeling mad and stupid which likely accounts for the nasty sentiment. Those people that chased $UBER and $LYFT and Slack ($WORK) are all down 30 percent. Take a look at the charts:

Markets are doing their thing climbing this endless wall of Fat Nixon worry.

I am thrilled that Apple and the semiconductor stocks continue to look strong. They are my barometer for the China trade war and right now they are not flashing any warning signs.

The market may roll over of course, but fundamentally and technically things look ok to me for the time being.

Have a great week.

As a reminder, Marketsmith (by Investor’s Business Daily) is now a sponsor of the weekly show. All the charts you have been seeing in the videos and will continue to see are from Marketsmith. They are offering my readers a three week trial for $19.95. Click this link if you would like to try it out.

Good Reads and A Good Watch

I binge watched ‘The Spy‘ on Netflix today because it is 110 degrees outside. I thought it was really good.

This Bloomberg piece on ‘Battle of The Bubbles‘ was a good read. I thought Lacroix/$FIZZ would be a good short back in 2017 when I wrote ‘Plop Plop Fizz Fizz‘ and I should have taken the trade as the stock has plummeted from $105 to $40.

It is hard to build a moat in seltzer water.

This Professor Galloway post on Walmart banning guns is dead on in my opinion.

Walmart accomplished what we’d hope for from our elected leaders. Striking a balance, threading the needle between constituencies, and crafting a solution that hopefully prevents more tragedies of the commons. Reaching a solution that likely reduces future massacres and reflects the will of the majority of Americans — access to guns, but not weapons of war, by law-abiding citizens after a background check.

Doug McMillon and Donald Trump walk into a bar. One acts presidential, the other is president.

Walmart is now at all-time highs.

Have a great Sunday.


I am excited to be hosting a bunch of fintech and financial service friends in Phoenix next week as Josh and Barry’s Wealthstack conference comes to Scottsdale.

I love the tagline – ‘The future of advice’.

I am super bullish on the advisor business and the business of advice.

I am on a couple of panels with friends/industry leaders (see below)and it should be a great few days of networking and idea exchange.

The timing is great as I just started my second season of my Lindzanity podcast so I will be banging out a bunch of high quality conversations with my favorite financial thinkers.

Reducing Complexity – The One Big Thing

I was posed the following question the other day in one of my Ask Me Anything sessions:

Imagine you meet someone new who claims to be a “financial expert.” If you could only ask them one question to determine if they are legit, what question would you ask?

It has been a few days and I don’t have the answer, but I will eventually get back to everyone when I do because I think it is important.

Nick Maggiulli is the person that started this meme on Twitter and he also linked back to this post he wrote in January titled ‘One Big Thing‘.

The gist:

My point in writing this is to get you to answer the following question: What one piece of information would help you make better decisions in different areas of your life? To give you an example, I once proposed this thought experiment to one of my single, male friends:

Imagine you had a list of 10 single women your age and you can only go on a date with 1 of them. However, you know nothing else about any of these women. Not what they look like. Not their personality. Nothing. If you could only have one piece of information on all of them (no photos), what would you ask for before making your decision?

My friend thought about it for a moment then said, “How often they go to the gym.” I asked him why and he said that gym frequency was indicative of other positive attributes such as: hygiene, self-care, motivation, etc. My friend had just used the same heuristic shortcut as Rosling and Seder.

So, take this idea further.

If you are trying to improve your business, what one big thing distinguishes your great clients from your bad clients?

If you are trying to get healthier, what one big thing separates good health from ill health?

If you are trying to be a better parent, what one big thing differentiates an amazing childhood from a subpar one?

Though I don’t have the answers, when I frame questions this way I find myself saving time because I only focus on the most important aspects of a particular system. It’s not perfect, but I hope it can help you as much as it has helped me.

Howard here again…

For my investing my ‘one big thing’ is price.

I look at all-time highs and than focus on the catalyst (the one big thing) that has driven the stock to all-time highs and try to imagine if that can continue.

Catching Up on Social Leverage Portfolio Companies – Even Financial, Robinhood and Rally Rd

It has been a fantastic summer for our fund portfolio companies. Robinhood raised $320 million at a $7.6 billion valuation. It is staggering that it was just 2013 when we made our first investment at an $8 million valuation. The quick investment story is here.

Today it was Even Financial (Fund 2) taking the stage with a big announcement.

The company was founded back in 2015 by Phil Rosen and Ian Rosen (not related!) and not the Drs. in Fletch either. Ian has since become the CEO of Stocktwits.

Under just one Rosen now, Even Financial has continued to grow very fast and today announced a $25 million funding round led by Citi Ventures. Here are some comments from the new investors:

“Just as ITA’s software transformed how consumers find and book travel and DoubleClick’s exchange changed the way publishers and brands buy and sell ads, Even’s platform is revolutionizing how financial institutions find and connect with consumers,” said Luis Valdich, Managing Director of Venture Investing at Citi Ventures, who will join Even’s board of directors. “We’re thrilled to partner with Phill and the Even team to support their next phase of growth.”

“We’re excited to help Even accelerate its growth into insurance, through personalized product recommendations,” said Charles Svirk of MassMutual Ventures. “The investment syndicate represents marquee brands in the financial services industry, which speaks to both Even’s trajectory as a company and its recognition as the leader in API based distribution of financial products.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this financing round as we deepen our partnership with this innovative fintech provider,” said Tom Casey, Chief Financial Officer of LendingClub. “Even’s industry-leading API enables us to leverage our scale as America’s largest provider of personal loans and connect with multiple partners as we strive to improve the financial health of more borrowers.”

Even Financial believes the future of financial services acquisition is “native, programmatic, and highly personalized.” Congrats on reaching $50 million in total funding. Social Leverage is proud to be seed investors.

Last but not least for today is Rally Rd. They launched a big app upgrade today with more asset classes including collector cards, books and watches. They also completed a $138,000 IPO on this fantastic Shelby in less than 30 minutes.

Here is the Honus Wagner card which will IPO soon:

And a sweet rare Rolex:

We have been very active investors this summer and are excited to announce some new investments later this month.

Lists Gone Mad and Definitely Jewish

I got a call from one of our portfolio company founders that he was being interviewed by Forbes 30 under 30 list.

I immediately went on the defensive and channelled my inner Fat Nixon to say that I too was on a Forbes list – the 30 over 50 underachievers list.

I said it so fast that he congratulated me.


I like to chime in on crazy stunt videos on Twitter with the caption ‘Not Jewish’ every now and then.

Yesterday I cam across a video that made me think ‘Definitely Jewish’. Have a look.

The headlines have gone mad. You need to have a sense of humor to get through it all these days.

The Confusion Bubble…

I love this tweet from Northman Trader today:

The world is upside down distorted.
They’re chasing stocks no matter valuation but for need of yield.
They’re chasing bonds no matter the yield but for hope of appreciation

A BIG Amen to Northman. People are doing dangerous things with their hard earned and easily printed monies right now.

I love stocks (software and ecommerce) and startups (software and ecommerce) almost all the time and as interest rates continue to plummet and computing gets cheaper, the trade and trends have been really good to me.

I have no idea when and how this eventually ends, but of course as I always say…it will.

The last few months though I have been pulling back but it seems nobody else is.

The NYSE advance decline line enters September (a notoriously crummy month) at all time highs at the same time a massive flight to safety is underway – a rush to Gold, Bonds, Treasuries, Yen and Utility stocks (I wrote about this yesterday as well).

The people chasing both stocks and safety right now don’t feel they are confused. They have a point of view and are expressing it with their money.

This one chart below may explain the wierdness:

If the data in the chart is not broken, we are in crash mode for confusion (a bubble) as people have never been more confused about economic policy.

Keep this in mind when you turn on the TV tomorrow and see 100 talking heads talk with complete confidence on subjects like Bitcoin, Gold, Bonds, Stocks and China.

The truth is, nobody knows, but a resolution to this bubble in confusion is coming.