Blogentrepreneurship – The Wild West

Just 3 weeks ago I posted on Blogentrepreurship as a fun and growing trend that would stay hot for a while. This week, things are really getting interesting with layoffs, restructurings and blogging breakups.

I am reminded of HBO’s show Deadwood as the blogosphere evolves.

You can change the clothing, terrain and all the other accoutrements – BUT the PEOPLE and EGO’s are the same.

Furthermore, the end game is always the same – MONEY and POWER.

It has been quite a gold rush the last few years as individual content producers chase fame and fortune blogging, YouTubing, Podcasting and VideoCasting.

The pitchfork has been replaced with blogging software while eyeballs and traffic are the new gold. Better yet, you don’t need to leave home or get your hands dirty in this version of the gold rush. Shit – just sit in your underwear and think dirty.


To think this goldrush will end soon is silly. I do think we need to find a better way to monetize the content , but because of the money involved in the right solution, I assume it will evolve.

It is just beginning.

This week has had lots of crap unfold in the blogosphere and the naysayers all out saying the blogging bubble has burst. I say, what bubble. One person has gotten rich – and if this this dude is the only one that gets rich, it won’t ever be called a bubble, just a crime.

Here are some good posts from Chartreuse , and Scott Karp here and here on the weekly events.

More than ever, the recent disruptions bring opportunity. I am watching events unfold and consuming as much as I can as I learn the lay of the land.

There are many ways to follow the drama. I have found the best to be Tech Meme from a nerd perspective and from Minic at TheBloggingTimes from a good editorial filtering perspective.

It is fun to follow and these sites are using technology to give you a front row seat.


  1. Sylvain Perrier says:

    Dear Dudes:

    Blogging is the biggest nonstop global block party of music, video, and hookups.

    It’s starting to look like the most powerful mass-media launching pad ever invented. Gone are the days of top-down 5th Avenue NYC Media Executives, force-feeding, one-size-fits-all shit media down my throat when I @Q#$! didn’t expect it. Now it my turn and it’s going to be my way – when ever and how ever.

    I totally agree that there’s a massive opportunity to deliver great media to biggest aggregation of people on the web and make a killing at it. It’ll probably be through some sort of immersive ad campaign program or integrated product placement but it the end, it’s the killer promo vehicle.

    I’m not yet sure how we’re going to do it but I know we’ll get there.

    It’s a new democracy

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