Blogging – full steam ahead in a different direction?

My friend Chartreuse has a cool post about the switcheroo coming in the world of blogging. My friend over in San Francisco, Jeremy Pepper (a nice addition to my blogroll) seems to agree.

I am in their camp too.

I have been blogging now for 9 months and time seems to be whipping by.

I am way too involved but have never had the creative juices more stimulated. As a kid I did stand-up comedy at Yuk Yuks here in Toronto and I sucked. Plain and simple. Awful.

I have more material now and the urge is back. Age and life’s hardships and an ability to write would make the process much easier. Still would be the hardest thing I could think of doing on a daily basis so why?

There is no reason!

Because if you are creative, have bandwith, can post to YouTube (please – even I can), can link and can tag – your act is GLOBAL.

Forget about your profession and how exciting or boring it seems to you, your wife and kids. Forget about your pay grade. If you are creative, they won’t ask until you are famous. Forget about the DUI and that liquor store hold-up. It will only add to your celebrity once you have been Googled. And let me add, just who doesn’t like being Googled!


  1. Babak says:

    Howard, a bunch of ET traders are getting together in downtown next week. If you’re still in town and would like to attend, email me and I’ll fwd the details.

    ps really enjoy your quirky blog ;o)

  2. Habes says:

    Couldn’t agree more.
    As a creative person that has recently been intorduced to the world of blogging, I am champing at the bit – looking for an angle to begin peddling my prose. I am not a geek but looking at YouTube and other venues that no longer seem as daunting and certainly have enormous reach.
    Anyone can be a star….!!!!!

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