Blogosphere still exploding – the monetization tools are coming in full force.

I asked my partner Minic at The Blogging Times to set up a section devoted to monetization tools of blogs.

According to Dave Sifry’s state of the blogoshere today
– this “bubble” that the experts keep saying has reflated and ready to burst again, looks to be just getting started. I was at the WordPress show this weekend and this 9 month old company (which powers my blog) is on fire . Furthermore, just today, Google has pledged $900 million to MySpace for their search rights . That $480 million price tag for MySpace keeps looking better and better.

Today’s monetization tool featured over at TechCrunch is FavoriteThingz . Pretty cool idea. There are tons of cool ideas like Goodstorm which I profiled yesterday.

All these tools are likely ahead of their time, but there will be a few big winners here and the stakes are huge. That is why this space is just heating up.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, or if you are a blogger, get used to reading The Blogging Times for all the news and links related to blogging and the blogosphere.

Someone needs to track all this new stuff. Might as well be us. Thanks Minic.

Other ideas are welcomed.