Blogroll Update

I have added some cool bloggers and links to my blogroll.

The goal continues to be to find bloggers and links that help me run my business, improve my skills and increase my knowledge. They have really helped me understand trends which I am writing about.

Real Clear Politics is a cool buzz tracker site for politics. I have no political insight, but Alan Warms and his team at Participate Media have created a smart political news portal that I use as a place to start every morning.

Seth Goldstein writes a cool Venture blog. He is successful which obviously matters and I like reading him.

I was linked to a cool post that is a starting point for finding “The” complete list of Venture Bloggers. It was organized by Andrew Fife, himself and entrepreneur. I have posted it as a deeper starting point for entrepreneurs looking for hints and insight. I hope it helps you as well.

I have added two new sections – COOL internet businesses and My Fave Products. As hype spreads that we are in a bubble 2.0, I continue to find unbelieveable business ideas that are starting to thrive and products that I use which are cool. It is a place for me to organize these.