BoardFlipping…Get Used to It

I am sure BoardFlipping has been around forever. The stakes were high in the railroad days too.

Today, the stakes are as high as ever.

As a mentioned in my ‘Four Horsemen (I think Jim Cramer started all this in 2000)’ post a few days back, we have a void. It’s $AAPL, $AMZN and $GOOG pulling away from the pack in the web and mobile.

Maybe it’s a Visa or Mastercard ($V, $MA) that deserves to join the horsemen as payments earns a horsemanship theme and seat at the table (longshot $EBAY), maybe it’s $IBM (Yawn), maybe it’s Salesforce ($CRM). I think it will be another data Company like Linkedin ($LNKD) or even a biotech company that figures out the heart or cancer in a new new way.

As it turns out though, it might just be Howard Schultz with his payment partnership and investment with Square yesterday. Not to be lost in all this is Howard Schultz leaving Groupons’ board for that of Square. As Dan mentions in his article, the retail iOS is not a bad way to try and grab a ‘Fourth Horsemanship’ so welcome to the race gents.

In recent BoardFlipping, Erik was flipped of $AAPL ‘s board by Steve Jobs for the Android moves by $GOOG, Jeff Bezos left $ZNGA and now announced their first social game, and Mike McCue flipped out of Twitter for …wait….FLIPBOARD.

With mobile, tablets, payments, search and soon to be content on the line, I expect to see even more ‘BoardFlipping’ in the near future.

Fasten your seat belts.

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