Borat and Paris Hilton have something in common AND it makes them web 2.0 celebrity monsters!

I was ripping on web 2.0 the other day. My more experienced friend – Mark – expanded on the topic. Months ago I decided to move on to web 4.48. I was bored with the whole thing.

I hate being negative so have decided to look at 2.0 in a different way – not in the silliness of some of the business models, but for what it has created. Let’s face it, the big bad Web 1.0 bubble was bad, but are we not enjoying amazing fruits of the insanity?

Today, I have read some brilliant posts from some old names and new names. I feel totally inspired. Spike, Lindsay, Fred, Chartreuse (an oldie but a greatie) and The Radsters (officially a train out of control :) )

I am excited as hell. With Wallstrip we are using all the tools of Web 2.0 and the services that Web 2.0 has brought along with it. We are using the BUBBLE BANDWITH to get it out there. I am pulling all my Networking 2.0 stops out (bugging and nudging 2.0).

I am trying to do what I do best (with the help of some insanely talented people) – put into video and words my crazy thoughts in a humorous way and get them out there. What a blast. I am loving the energy and feedback. Best high of my life.

So what do Paris Hilton and Borat have in common?

They are brave and shameless.



In order to be excellent, you must risk it all. You must tune out the noise, have thick skin and stay true to your voice. You must use the tools of the day. If you don’t you will never rise above the noise. It is almost impossible still.

Forget getting to the top – that seems more possible than ever these days. What the hell does the top mean anyways. There are 1 billion best of lists, ranking systems and traffic sites. Smack a top ten list together about pig farming and you could make the front page of Digg and have 100,000 freaks grace your blog spewing nasty comments as they move through.

Staying at the top for more than a WEEK is what means something. That will get harder than ever. Shit – it is harder than ever.

Borat and Paris have had an incredible run considering how hard it is to stay in the public’s consciousness.

If you want to learn anything from the new world of popularity – the PR, The viral aspects, the sexiness, pitfalls, trade-offs and the inevitable declines – Paris and Borat will be the perfect case studies.

Nostradamos never saw this coming!


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