Boston Beer on Wallstrip

We are not drunk, just high on BOOZE at Wallstrip.

So is the stock price – comfortably at all-time highs.

After watching today’s show, I am convinced that this Company gets it when it comes to branding and attention to detail.

Here is Brian’s take on the technical picture of the stock:

Here is Dave Chappelle’s opinion. Sorry Brian – Dave’s is better:

Just making beer does not guarantee you being a success as a public company. It should :) !

Take a look at Redhook’s lifetime stock chart. It came public in 1996 at the same time as Sam Adams and the whole MicroBrew IPO craze. Quite a difference in stock performance after both were destroyed.

Here is everything you need to know about the Company and it’s history .

Here is information you don’t need to know but may enjoy!

For a deeper video look at the whole LIQUOR BEVERAGE industry – check out TV.

For a more sober :) analysis of Boston Beer – check out the bummer Graham disciples dudes.

I am a buyer of this stock for my children on any 10-15 percent pullback. It is officially on my watch list when it comes to Beer and Booze.

Disclosure – No position in the stocks mentioned here.

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