Brother Can You Spare me a Token?

This got my head spinning today (from Balaji):

I totally agree with Balaji (and invested a lot of our fund capital in this theme) that millions of new people will become amateur investors. I can also hear the snark from the Wall Street Journal.

So what’s a ‘token’?

I’m getting asked about tokens by a lot of people on Stocktwits. 

I refer to this most educational and digestible piece today from Balaji, a Bitcoin early adopter:

Tokens are early today, but will transform technology tomorrow


I was just getting my head around the fact that the alternative coin industry has a larger market capitalization than Goldman Sachs ($90 billion), and the talk in my streams have bubbled with ‘token’ talk. 
I am using the app to follow the prices of all the big cryptocurrencies:

I am watching the industry lately at the ground floor level as well. Civic, one of our portfolio companies, announced their token offering last week and I will cover it more on the blog soon. 

Have a great rest of the Memorial Weekend.