BTFD (Buy the F’n Dip) and StartStackin…Financial Media is Educational, Viral and Fun

One of the biggest memes on Stocktwits this year has been BTFD which stands for ‘Buy The F’n Dip’.

Stocktwits sells a bunch of different t-shirts that the community likes collecting.

Garrett, who leads the Stocktwits data team put this piece together on how the term BTFD has grown on Stocktwits.

It is easy to joke about how silly it is, but since 2010 when BTFD first caught on, it has been a great strategy for $AAPL and $SPY the two most talked about tickers that get tagged with it.

Furthermore, thousands of Bitcoin, Blockchain and financial service companies have been started recently which means million of new investors have been (and will be) making their very first investment. These new investors are starved for financial mentorship and education. I see the questions everyday in my streams.

In that vein, Startstackin is a new media (financial video) company that Social Leverage (our fund) recently invested in. We did a syndicate as well on Angellist. I am having a great time working with the founders (Scott Grimes and Kyle Arbaugh) brainstorming ideas for shows and series.

Last week, the Stackin team put together a short video on BTFD.

In 2006 I started Wallstrip thinking the YouTube generation would want to invest. They do, but so to does the Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat generation.

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