Buenos Aires by Blog, Stocktwits and Email…No Tweets

It has been about a month since I stopped posting to Twitter. It has been easier than I thought to quit. I still enjoy getting notifications from about 30 people that keep me up to date on some tech news and financial topics.

One way Twitter was magical for me was my trips to foreign countries and cities around the USA. I could land and tweet and start getting invitations for beer, coffee, tours, local spots, pitches, and the best falafel…

This is the first trip I felt a little nervous about my ability to get a great inside flavor of the city I was about to visit.

Instead I posted to my blog and Stocktwits and also let people know in my random return of emails the last few days that I would be in Buenos Aires for the week. It turns out that this digital workflow trio works perfectly as well. In fact, I would say through Stocktwits, my blog and email, the quality of the offers and conversations were higher as local traders, and friends of friends (email) were reaching out to offer Ellen and I some great experiences and ways to see the city.

Twitter had become a crutch and a good one, but it is nice to see all my digital weapons work their magic.

By the way, Buenos Aires is an incredible city. It is a vast and very walkable city that feels like 1940 came and stayed.

Twitter side notes:

1. Since being off Twitter it is much more noticeable to me that the contribution part of Twitter was just a game. What changed for me was the realization that Donald Trump won the game. #Trumplethinskin (as Kara Swisher calls him perfectly) took the game of attention to new levels.

A friend sent me this picture that captured the deletion of my tweets in progress:


2. I want to return to Twitter once ‘Furious Twitter’ dies down though each time I check the last month I am disappointed. This mocked up Twitter Magazine page sums up the Twitter that I left behind last month:


3. I am still pretty bearish on the stock based on the price action. I think the world is heading to smaller groups and away from the broadcasting craze, especially with respect to video. Twitter might have bought the wrong company in Periscope (unless they too pivot like Meerkat did and create a ‘Houseparty’ type app).

4. The stock price would rise 30 percent if they just told Trump to pound sand and head to Facebook. They could let go 2,000 people as well and operate within their means for the core product that people love.

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