BULLHORN! … Resurging Television Media … These Are the Days of Our Lives

I admit I am a closet soap opera fan and if I could watch General Hospital on my iPad with a box of Kleenex I would be less grumpy.

On this episode of CNNMoney’s Bullhorn, I join Paul La Monica to discuss companies like $TWX, $CBS and $DIS which are surprisingly performing well.  Plenty of shtick and a dash of alpha.

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  1. days out for kids says:

    There’s no doubt that advertising and marketing is the perfect technique to enhance common media channels. In lieu of eliminating regular a detergent operas, you have to be a little more ground breaking to advertise these folks plus building exceptional memories. Would die to look at Working day one’s Everyday life on the move…

  2. Sk1dilone says:

    Most of
    what comes across a television set is garbage, toxic waste, and is all the
    more distressing to realized that this profane, stupid, garrulous inequitist
    media and use of the media destroys large numbers of young people and
    infatuates large number of older people who should know better and causes them
    to waist their time and jade their own moral convictions.
    Fr. B.G.

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