Bundles of Bundles

Just yesterday I was blogging about the relentless pace of streaming content and today The Atlantic had this piece title ‘Disneyflix‘.

I rather doubt that the Atlantic is correct in saying ‘Netflix should be scared’. Netflix is just banging out content and trying to put some distance between them and the field.

We are quickly entering the next era of streaming content which is bundles.

Bundles will be good for ME. I am all about ME when it comes to content.

I have already cut the cord on cable. I think the only sports event I could not live without is the Masters and their app is already better than the TV coverage ever was.

I imagine I will get the ESPN streaming service and Disney ‘prime’ when they launch. I have HULU, Spotify, Netflix, HBO and Showtime. I really just need them each to launch one good series a month to make them worth keeping.

As Spotify just did with HULU though…I expect the bundles to be a big thing by 2019.