Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation (BNI) on Wallstrip

I have written often that the railroads long-term strength post 1900 bubble are a great indicator of what the information enablers will look like in 2050 and beyond. Building off the telecom bubble of 1999, internet stocks have hundreds of bull market years ahead.

Many all-time highs ahead.

As for the railroads, god bless the longs for their insight and trend following ability. Burlington is summarized most excellently bu Julie today on Wallstrip .

Once you have connected the two points somewhere on a map in a simple, functional way, commerce will just pour over it for the remainder of time.

Railroads will have their hiccups and bear markets for sure, but if you are still a bear 100 plus years post bubble, you need to stop managing money.

Here is the BNI Google Finance home page .

We Covered Kansas City Southern (KSU) on Wallstrip a while back and that has hung in well near all-time highs as well. here is the show:

Disclosure- I have no positions.