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It is pretty cool to see your name in Business Week – even if it is the online version. I expect to see some mean things said about our style and execution but Chartreuse says to expect it because we are making a statement and to enjoy the good stuff because it won’t last :) .

Here is the link to the story .

Youtube, the stock advice portal?

Aaron Pressman

Jason Coleman over at has his eyes on a new trend of possible interest to investors. He’s found some examples of financial analysts uploading stock reviews as video clips on Youtube, the hosting company more famous for carrying clips of old game shows and wacky Coke and Mentos stunts.

If there is an audience for this sort of thing, it’s yet another example of disintermediation. Big brokerage firms and TV networks are the main distributors of financial reports but stock analysis on Youtube can obviously reach a huge audience at no cost to the authors or analysts. Can’t get booked on CNBC? Upload your analysis. If you’re on target, after a while people are going to notice.

Update: Howard Lindzon, a hedge fund manager in Phoenix, is putting together a Web-based “show” featuring video blogs about the markets. Called, it goes live next month.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen so fast.

I will be in New York the rest of the week, writing, shooting and learning a little bit from the team. If you want to try and hook up – email me at [email protected]

I have received many requests to write for the show. Everyone that writes to me will be included and have the ability to post about the show and I will get back with each of you personally in the next 30 days to coordinate. Thanks again for all the support.


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    Anybody who says anything mean about pushing the limit above what already has been done is a #$#%##$ bonehead. How’s that for a Preemptive strike.

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