Buyouts are BACK…SAP buying Business Objects

So SAP is buying Business Objects. Hooray for us stupid bulls :) .

Now we know why tech is strong and won’t dip. Look for software stocks to start making biiiiig gains. Have you been watching VMWare since it’s IPO. I have and we have and it’s on freaking fire . Tonight SAP put a whole bunch of stocks in play. I am not long software other than Adobe and Verisign. I will be adding a few names tomorrow.

If you check out Business Objects Google Finance Page you will see all the HUGE names in the space. One smaller name…Informatica (INFA), looks quite lovely.

I am scouring tonight. Maybe Citrix (CTXS) , at all-time highs (back out bubble).

If you are going to speculate, DO IT IN A BULL MARKET. This is when silly shit happens and you should not apologize or feel guilty. Just don’t be wreckless…you are not smart.

I love Sunday nights in bull markets. Go to work. Talk to me with some other names….


Disclosure – Long Verisign and Adobe, BUYING INFA and CTXS


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    just may be too small for big takeover at 500 million. too small for me anyways but looks good like the rest

  2. bocagirl says:

    Tech and software… one of my favorite subjects. I am long ORCL and also long the ORCL Dec 20 and 22.5 calls.

    I’ve been thinking about CTXS (a local company for me) especially since they bought Xenware, a competitor of VMWare, in August. Haven’t decided yet.

    Still long CSCO, EMC and NVDA… I don’t think they’re done yet. Wish I’d hadn’t sold my OMTR so fast, but I think there will soon be more quality competition for OMTR in the webanalytics space.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    i love this. since I have no clue about how tech works ‘inside’ i appreciate that ctxs info.

    screrw beas, and I can’t believe I have just watched crm especially isnce it’s my fave wallstrip episode

  4. bocagirl says:

    My husband worked in IT a long time. It definitely helps in selecting tech stocks.

    By the way I’m getting a new iMac on Tuesday and we bought the new VMWare Fusion software product for it, it’s supposed to allow me to run Windows stuff and an IE browser on a Mac. Can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

    Been hearing about BEAS lately… thought Carl Icahn just upped his stake in BEAS.

  5. Jason Wood says:

    One point of clarification, Citrix bought XenSource (not XenWare); and while CTXS has benefited from the hype surrounding the deal (in sympathy with the VMW craze) it’s important to remember where XenSource sits in terms of momentum and market share, which is to say de minimous. This deal rings a lot more akin to when Novell bought SUSE Linux. Stock worked for awhile, until people wanted results from the acquisition.

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