Cable and TV are Dead…Give or Take $1 Trillion… and Price is All That Matters

Tonight Comcast bid for Time Warner Cable. A measly $45 billion. If the deal gets approved, Comcast will be the ‘pipe’ into 35 million or so of America’s 115 million households.

My son celebrated by watching more Netflix.

I am not sure if Comcast has seen the 1155 posts on Business Insider (since 2009) reporting on’The Death of Cable and TV‘. Here is a chart of Comcast ($CMCSA) beginning in 2009:

Here is a chart of $CBS beginning in 2009:

If this is dead, [email protected]*k living.

CNBC will spend ALL day tomorrow repulsing you with the details. David Faber of CNBC will get a raise for possibly breaking the story. I don’t think he should since he works for Comcast (which owns CNBC).

In my world, David rides the elevator with everyone that knew of this deal. Based on the stock prices, he was the LAST guy to know and break a real story.

Google is the story tomorrow. The Comcast/Time Warner deal only raises the evil tolerance ceiling for Google. That’s still the real long term problem for Cable (not that they care).

The takeaway as always…follow smart people and prices… and content is king.

Off to watch some great content (Stewart and Colbert) on my dead television.