Cache is king – and the Motley Fools

In the real world, cash is king. In the internet world, CACHE as in CACHEING is king.

Inktomi was probably a great deal for Yahoo if Akamai’s price is for real.

I first bought Akamai at $15 after looking deeper into the Apple story and iTunes in particular. It seemed simple enough – their cacheing software sped up the net. Today I am also hungry for ideas that will speed the move to voice recognition and solve language barriers – but I digress.

I further read the good research on the Motley Fool. I mean I loved Apple at the time (2 years ago already). The Motley Fool “rules” – that price does not matter for “Rule Breakers” and that community is valuable – have been fanatstic for them. Of course, they have had some serious flameouts as well – but that goes with the territory they are writing about.

I have no idea what AKAMAI is worth, but the customer list is growing and until Apple changes partners, this little baby still has legs. Video only increase the importance for now.

This may be a little different than the hardware component makers like Sigmatel, Synaptics and Portal Player where margin compression and vendor changes fluctuate daily. The hardware component stcoks have great runs and than get cut in half. This happened to me in Synaptics – the cool iPod click wheel supplier.

The Motley Fool group had Akamai right. They still have it.

To me, the Motley Fool is the first internet community. They have survived a boom, bubble and boom. Congrats to them and I think AOL who owns them. The Gardner brother’s are geniuses. They have kept their unique coolness through the unhip bubble. They deserve more praise than MySpace or any other community on the web.

If there is a space for more retards and bastards – look no further than stock chat rooms. The Motley Fool has harnessed all that is good about community, research and chat – creating real value for their readers.

Another reason CNBC and GE should be ashamed. They remain whores. They have never initiated anything of value other than to the mother ship. Oh sorry – they have Cramer. But they have hired him, fired him for allegedly being a front-runner and hired him back because he yells and acts like a clown. Should’nt he be on Nickelodeon.

According to Chartereuse, Motley Fool’s continued success makes sense, not Cramer’s. Interesting read though